Albio 101 series offers the widest variety on construction typologies that render the system suitable for an array of applications. It includes three different patterns (embossed, oval and flat) presenting you with a range of choices. It offers a 3-level sealing system with EPDM gaskets and a special water-draining system.

Applications: doors, windows, shop fronts. Fixed, tilt & turn, tilt & slide, projecting, rotating, etc.



Albio 109 is based on the latest window technology, as well as on the highest construction standards.

Albio 109 is specifically designed to offer absolute heat-cold protection and sound insulation. With great finish Albio 109 includes two different profile patterns oval and classic offering an excellent aesthetic result.

Applications: doors, windows, shop fronts. Fixed, tilt and turn, tilt and slide, projecting, etc.

ALBIO 109C Super Thermo

EXALCO ALBIO 109C Super Thermo

Albio 109C Opening Thermal Breaking System with multiple locking mechanism.

Albio 109C was designed taking into account the latest technological achievements in window system design. It has accomplished high performance on thermal insulation due to its 24mm width polyamide profiles.

The excellent air-permeability test results and the ability of using up to 44mm thick glazing units offer high sound insulation.

The use of multiple locking mechanism in combination with thermal-breaking, make Albio 109C an absolutely secure system.

The system also includes two different profile patterns, oval and classic.

Applications: doors, windows and shop fronts. Fixed, tilt & turn, etc.